Welcome to Punjab

Leveraging design elements

from popular culture

Leveraging design elements from popular culture


Creating an identity for a restaurant with popular cuisine

Punjabi, or north Indian dhaba (highway eateries) food is popular across the country. There are countless restaurants claiming to serve authentic Punjabi cuisine. ‘Welcome to Punjab’, the newest Punjabi restaurant in the city, had to create a distinct image and offering as compared to other restaurants.


Leveraging the energy, colours and emotions from the culture

The inspiration for the visual identity came from the name ‘Punjab’ itself. Apart from the excellent food in Punjabi dhabas, the state of Punjab itself is known for its vibrancy, colours, energy and emotions. This is reflected in every little thing that originates from Punjab, even the designs on the highway trucks, which are a common sight throughout the country.


A new warm and vibrant identity

We used this visual story as the inspiration to create design elements for the identity. While some of these are typical graphics found on trucks, we treated them in a contemporary style, staying away from the usual kitsch, and reiterating the proposition of the authentic taste of Punjabi dhaba food, experienced in an elegant, comfortable, modern ambience.

Industry: Hospitality, Retail

Project Scope: Brand Identity, Brand Collateral


Hospitality & Retail

Project Scope

Brand Identity
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