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Saving the future, drop by drop

Saving the future, drop by drop


Securing water to secure our future

Across the globe, Unilever had been pioneering and promoting the importance of sustainability. Recognizing the challenge of water crisis faced by the country, Unilever India set up the India Water Body (IWB) an initiative aimed to address the challenge of water scarcity in India. The main objective of the IWB was to drive water security for the country by 2030. Through a white paper, Unilever India aimed to invite corporates, industry bodies, governments and experts in the field to join hands and take forward the initiative of water conservation.


Building hope through inspiration, optimism and positivity

The senior-level management across companies and government organizations were already aware of the challenges, hence it was important to catch their attention by creating a ‘story’ around the challenge. The white paper had to be serious and informative but at the same time inspiring, optimistic and inviting positive action.


Inspiring action through evocative design

A thought-provoking quote set the tone for the report and became the starting point for the story. Sylvia Earle’s ‘No water, no Life; No blue, no green’ was taken as a literal and visual inspiration. Unilever’s success stories of water conservation initiatives in different parts of the country proved that the task at hand was grave and momentous, but the rewards were absolutely incalculable.

Industry: FMCG, Corporate

Project Scope: White Paper/ Corporate Report



Project Scope

White Paper/ Corporate Report