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Influencing the influencers

Influencing the influencers


Launching a skincare brand for an exclusive, discerning audience

Lakme, India’s top cosmetic brand owned by Unilever, was launching a new range of skincare products called ‘Lakme Fruit Moisture’, containing the essence of real fruits. One of the important audiences for this brand were key opinion leaders like editors of beauty, style and fashion magazines and beauty bloggers. We were commissioned to create a design package for the exclusive launch event for this audience.


Tailoring a unique and enhanced sensorial experience

The target audience was well-read, well-travelled and marketing savvy. They got invited to several launch events through-out the year, therefore we had to promise something unique and exclusive to pique their interest. We conceptualized a whole evening filled with magical experiences, each highlighting the essence and glamour of the new moisturizer range.


Bringing alive the brand story across all assets

As a starting point, a sensual visual identity was designed, a visual treat that showcased the new product shape and brought alive the fruit story. Next was an intriguing invite that gave a tantalizing glimpse of the evening’s experiences.The concept for the launch was ‘supper theater’, a new concept in the country, in which the product story was integrated within the play. This was followed by a wine-tasting session and a formal dinner.

The inspiration for all these experiences was drawn from the fruits- textures, colours, fragrances, flavours. Fruit-flavoured wines, fruit-flavoured chocolates, the colour palette, venue design, gift elements- all were inspired by the product story and translated into an experience that was unique, exclusive and memorable.

Industry: FMCG, Beauty, Skincare

Project Scope: Event Identity & Visual Assets, Activation Concepts



Project Scope

Eveny Identity & Visual Assets
Activation Concepts

Project done in collaboration with Genesis BM, Q Theatre Productions and Sula Vineyards