Breaking through the clutter

in a busy category

Breaking through the clutter in a busy category


Magic of herbs with the power of science

Inskinia is a skincare brand, in which the power and goodness of herbs is harnessed by science to create balanced, natural and effective products that work from within. The brand was to be launched in select retail stores in different geographies. We were briefed on developing the brand identity, as well as the packaging system for the same.


Creating a new trend to break through the clutter

In a category cluttered with herb-based skincare products, we had to create an identity that would communicate not only the core strength and simplicity of the brand offering, but also create visual impact, stand out and stand apart.


Catch the eye, capture the heart

Cosmetic packaging is an important part of product branding; the material, shapes and colours playing a vital role in distinguishing products on the shelf. We conceptualized a look that defied the current trend, as well as created a new one- the look of the bottles, tubes and jars was intense, dark and rich, in contrast to the lighter, more pristine identities among competitive brands in the category. The rich materials and visually impactful containers coupled with simplistic graphics played a vital role in attracting consumers’ attention in an elegant, stylish way.

Industry: Beauty, Skincare, Retail, Lifestyle

Project Scope: Nomenclature, Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Beauty & Skincare
Retail & Lifestyle

Project Scope

Nomenclature, Brand Identity
Packaging Design