Hindustan Unilever

Capturing the big impact

of small actions

Capturing the big impact of small actions


Establishing the essence of Hindustan Unilever’s commitment to sustainability

Hindustan Unilever knew their business processes and brands had an impact at every stage of their lifecycle- from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, to consumer use & disposal. Hence, they implemented changes in processes that would positively influence the entire value chain. Through their brands they wanted to change behavior and habits of millions of consumers; the collective transformation making big differences in society and to their business. Through their very first Sustainable Development report, HUL wanted to share their commitment and efforts on sustainability with all their stakeholders.


Celebrating the transformational approach of ‘small actions, big differences’

Hindustan Unilever believed that even the seemingly small innovations in brands and business processes could lead to a big difference in society, as they touched the lives of two out of every three Indians. Thus, small individual actions multiplied with the large consumer base would make a big difference in combating the issues society faced. This transformational approach and attitude became the basis of the design concept, and was symbolized by the humble, hard-working honeybee.


Bringing alive sustainability efforts and achievements through engaging design

The ‘small actions, big difference’ concept was carried through into all sections of the report. The essence of HUL’s commitment towards responsible operations was captured through their sustainability strategy. Their stakeholder-centric approach was represented in the flow of the report design, through each stakeholder section like Consumers, Business Partners, Employees, Ecosystem, Society and Investors, through engaging and attractive design.

Industry: FMCG, Corporate

Project Scope: Sustainable Development Report



Project Scope

Sustainable Development Report