Garnier Men

Driving synergy across product ranges

Driving synergy across product ranges


Extending the identity of a popular brand into a new range

L’Oreal India’s skin and hair-care brand Garnier launched ‘Garnier Men’, a brand that was all about freshness and natural energy. Garnier Men introduced a range of personal care products like moisturizers, face washes, etc. They wanted to extend the umbrella brand to include deodorants as well. We were briefed to create the identity for the new range of deos.


Building a convincing brand story through strategic design elements

Since the deodorant range would be launched under the Garnier Men portfolio, we first identified all the branding elements that distinguished the identity of Garnier Men. A new logo unit was designed for the deo range which would synergize with the other ranges in the brand portfolio.


Driving a synergistic look through design

The distinguishing black and green look of the Garnier Men umbrella brand was extended to this range. To bring in the freshness and natural aspect of the products, the distinctive aloe vera imagery was introduced in the new identity. Bright coloured bands identified the different variants. The new deo range looks vibrant, synergized and visually impactful.

Industry: FMCG, Retail, Lifestyle

Project Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging Design



Project Scope

Brand Identity
Packaging Design