Creating excitement around new launches


Garnering media attention for launching new skincare brands

The press or media kit is often the media’s first in-depth experience of a brand, so it is essential that it express the brand identity while delivering all the essential information. When Garnier launched the AgeLift and LightUltra ranges, we were asked to design media kits for the press launches, that were in keeping with the brand and product image and reflected the unique aspects of each.


Leveraging the strong aspects of the brand stories

The product range Age Lift, was targeted at the more mature woman so Garnier roped in the Bollywood celebrity and renowned beauty Chitrangadha Singh as the brand ambassador. We had to create a visual package that matched the feel of the product range. For the Light Ultra range, actress Priyanka Chopra was the face of this new fairness range. She would be endorsing the Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer in all print and television campaigns.


Playing up glamour, creating aspiration through design

Keeping in mind the function andnature of the product ranges, we made use of colour palettes and graphics that highlighted each brand’s uniqueness, to create an aspirational and glamorous look. With such high profile brand ambassadors, we had to create a visual balance by giving enough importance to the heros of the occasion- the products themselves.

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