Axis Bank

Unique identities to match

multiple aspirations

Unique identities to match multiple aspirations


Create unique brand identities for multiple products & audiences

In a growing economy like India, people’s aspirations and spending patterns were constantly changing. We worked with Axis Bank, the third largest private sector bank in India, to create identities for more than 40 credit, debit and co-branded products, each targeted at different audiences. The task was to create identities that not only conveyed the product offerings but also matched the audience’s aspirations and the personality of the brand.


Building convincing brand stories through strategic design elements

The creation of unique identities entailed a detailed understanding of each product, the motivations of the target audience, the competition, and most importantly, the medium. In a channel with multiple restrictions, sometimes of space and at others of bank regulations, we had to create impactful identities that were unique, yet achieved visual synergy as offerings from the master brand.


Creating strong brand assets to support the unique products

Each identity made use of design elements that represented the specialized features of that particular product and conveyed a rich story of its own. This involved a strategic usage of unique colour palettes, and verbal and visual mnemonics that helped create standardization and customization for middle class to high net worth customers.

Industry: Banking, Financial Services

Project Scope: Brand Identity, Design Language, Brand Collateral


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