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Creating a healthy-ingredient story

Creating a healthy-ingredient story


Creating a differentiated identity for a packaged food brand

Staples like wheat flour (atta) are consumed in huge quantities in India. In order to get a share of this commoditized market, Hindustan Unilever launched their own range of staples under the brand name ‘Annapurna’, one of the first brands to offer packed and branded staples. Unilever decided to introduce a new atta variant composed of multiple grains that was good for the health of the family. The need was to design packaging that differentiated this variant from the others in the Annapurna range as well as the competition.


Leveraging the unique aspects of the product story

The target audience for Annapurna Atta were busy urban families who found convenience in buying packaged atta. They realized the value of healthy living and most of them were also aware of the benefits of multigrain products. This new atta variant made it easy for them to have these grains along with their meals every single day to stay healthy. We needed to visually emphasize the healthy ingredient story.


Building on the ‘healthy’ ingredients through the visual story

Highlighting the various grains that went into the making of this atta variant and supporting it with an appetizing visual of ‘rotis’, a bread eaten with every meal in Indian households, was the basis of the package design. To emphasize the natural goodness of the product, the background showcased green wheat fields and wheat stalks. The packaging looked attractive, had good shelf impact and easily stood out from the competition.

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